Making the decision to get, as well as staying, fit and healthy is incredibly hard.  For some, getting started comes naturally.  While for countless others, that much-needed motivation seems like a never-ending internal struggle.  Everybody seems to desire that healthy-look, but putting in the necessary discipline, sacrifice or work needed at attain it is a different story.  You have to want it...need it...strive for it!  

Stop and ask you want to be that person that stops using all those B.S. excuses?  Whether your ultimate goals are fat/weight loss, body sculpture, muscle gain, sports performance, competition/contest prep or just overall improvements to your health and fitness, never lose sight of the fact that no challenge equals no change.  

Together, with my years of consulting and training, we will a analyze your goals, lifestyle, motivation and needs.  We will cater and customize a life-altering fitness program and meal plan, that in affect, will take into account your current state of physical conditioning, your specific goals and any and all previous injuries, to ensure and maximize the optimal results desired.  Whether you're a weekend warrior, an out-of-shape former high school superstar, an amateur/professional athlete or just a couch potato looking to finally take that first step to a better, happier and healthier you, together we will make it happen.  And don't worry if I'm not in your area.  There are no more excuses.  Not only can I travel to you, but I also offer online training, along with a videos, to guide you every step of the way.  You will not be alone on this process.  We will do this together.  As long as you have the will, I most definitely have the way.

So no matter which side of the fence you’re on, making that crucial, life-altering, decision and taking the necessary steps moving forward is the best decision you can make for yourself.  The second best decision?  Hiring me to help achieve all your health and fitness-related goals.  As stated before...the choice is ultimately yours.  It's your health...your life.  Choose wisely.  So, are you ready?  I am. And I'm right here, waiting for you...

Services Offered:

• Group Support (women's health, group exercise, workshops)
• Private/Individualized Personal or Online Training
• Corporate Consults/Workshops
• Grocery Shopping
• Meal Planning
• Food Preparation
• Body Building Contest Prep (16 to 12 weeks out to a contest)