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Take Break

Often we get caught up when prepping, so focused so driven we forget to breath and simply just take it all in , well today i did just that took a much needed afternoon nap then ate and went out into for drive no real purpose just a drive to get some much needed fresh air.. Resting chilling and sometimes you just gotta play dress up after a while you get tired of ball caps and bandannas.. SAY beautiful

My Journey contest prep 2013 USA Nationals

Leaving no stones unturned as we all tend to do when we travel into the abyss.. we contemplate what do even when we know what do, sometimes we allow those hushed voices to creep into our heads and we fight against the worst demon’s

OURSELVES but even with this we still push forward why when asked.. why not.. 20130522_13450220130522_13454520130419_112429 (1)2013 Contest Prep USA March1 with April -March well underway we can finally see the empty canvas starting to take shape are we thrilled HELL no im the worrier from HELL

Change is coming

Yeah Yeah Yeah u have heard me rant before about Im gonna keep up to date on whats going on BUT dam if i dont keep getting side swiped… I am always getting my  HUSTLE on  (How.U.Survive.Through.Life.Everyday) but any event I’m going rewind for a hot Minute then come full circle to present day… but for now id like to share a few pictures and my rants from July training to the USA and of course more words of wisdom HEHE and more training that lead to Nationals of 2014 and new crowed IFBB Pro ME.. so just bare with me… Trust me its one women journey to scratch, flight, claw and even cry but to ultimately PREVAIL… here is my story..  the mini version…

No contest journey is easy but as Bob Marley said “Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.” This is a road that suits me like a breathing.. after 2012 i decided to tackle the USA once again with that i started to place my ducks in a row and start the process.. Now im not one to usually take photos in the off season look OUCH but once i got the ball rolling so did the cameras..

two week progress USA

Back attack

Back attack

Double Biceps lets get the ball started

Double Biceps lets get the ball started

Philly and DC down.. Next Stop NJ

Well I am well underway of my tour doing what I do best so why haven’t you contacted me yet for your fitness council trust me its well worth getting started today then pining of it tomorrow… So i have wrapped up both DC and Philly and have made my way to NJ.

Unpacking in DC










Training hamstrings at 12st Gym in Philly

One week down.. and ready to Regroup

Traveling and staying healthy does not go hand in hard especially when you’re gone for long bouts of time. Finding places to train can be impossible, some hotels promote they have a facility to train when really, it’s a room with some cardio equipment and if you’re lucky some universal machine to get some semblance of a work out in however, for the average Joe whose motto is not “TRAIN INSANE” this is ok and if it’s ok for you then it’s ok for me.

During my latest trip-tour I was gone for over an month and half and though I was able to get in some gym time here and there I was not able to hit the grid iron like I am accustom too and to me that “ SUCKS BALLS” so, now I am finally home back to a routine and though I’m DIEING it feels good to be back on track if I keep this up I may have to select a bodybuilding show to jump in..whose with me XOXOX…



East Coast Tour WHEW!!!!

chest and bicep







It was a long wait but i was finally able to make my east tour and back covering NY, Boston, DC, Pittsburgh, Philly and NJ somehow i think I’m forgetting a place or too oh well..Often I am asked how do I stay in touch when I travel well like Nike say JUST DO IT.. but the reality is its HARD sometimes u may have to pay a bit more for a hotel if not find a hotel location that has a gym or a YMCA near by that is is walking or driving distance. If fitness is a priority like breathing then you make a point to plan, plan plan which is essential the key…

Working out on the road