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Time to Celebrate

SHIT just cause I didnt win does not mean i was gonna mope around HELL NO.. it was a free for all and then some. For me after a show its all about re-hydrating its almost like i cant get enough NO REALLY then comes a meal

sure pizza is usually my go to but then there is DESERT 20130727_235858OMG and how i enjoyed me some DESERT… when its all said and done take a BOW but if your hungry as I am then you know the best is yet to come and u r just getting started.. 20130727_215949 Celebration


60 seconds goes in flash just enough time for you to strut your stuff and show them what you got, problem is when your heads not in the game tho no once can tell YOU can… finished up prejudging and managed a smile but i was out of there like bat out hell.. no real reason but disappointment its a hard pill to swallow in this sport but it happens but as they say in showtime the SHOW MUST GO ON… its hard standing there knowing in your head you gave it your all and fail but did u really fail NO failure only comes when u QUIT and dont see it through so, tho i didnt have the outcome i had hopped for I sucked it up, held my head high regrouped and said whats NEXT…

SHOWTIME section 1

There is a difference between being confident and being nervous… I think everyone is nervous on showtime regardless of one’s level but lacking confidence on showtime UGH that’s like a silent heart attack waiting to happen… I woke that morning with a look of PAIN on my face not anything physical all emotional I knew.. somehow somewhere things didn’t add up BUT what you gonna do.. not show UP, bow out, NOT on my watch so i put my best forward, head held HIGH and got to steppin…CarbLoading Showtime Pretty in Pink Showtime

Counting Down

Another rep, another sleepless night, another meal, FLEX, POSE, SQUEEZE  start all over again now the X’s on the calendar have fallen off and in your sight you can see it, the months of hard work has paid off, the tears and they will be TEARS seem pointless now cause in the mist your a solider army of one who now stands still… time to take a few steps back and take it all in…. the day is coming its about DAM TIME TOO

Victoriadominguez final weeks





VictoriaDominguez prep 2013


prep 2013countdown



Guys have it so lucky when the prep and there are some women that take care of the little things like hair and nails etc… I for one put it to the side no i dont have BAM BAM feet come one but at the same time i prioritize things.. at times i will place getting nails and just get a manicure now my feet always done HEY I AM A FEMALE but my hair well mmmm thats another project all on its on.. thank god for baseball hats, scarves and CROP … another day in the office another day Im getting closer the finished product is soon to come Bad hair Day Contest Prep

Quite B4 the STORM

Even a presumably happy person will get a little or in my case a lot CRANKY  weeks now seem like months and time seem to have STOPPED STILL .. OMG i was getting anxious and now those things we call NERVES was settling in but easy come easy go.. thanks to a great support system… I think i had everyone’s number on speed dial LOL but i cant stress it enough how important a support system is not a BULLSHIT SYSTEM a “I KEEP IT 100″ they become your eyes and voice of reason when the craziness starts to settle in.. then you have it a moment of clarity as i call it The Quite B4 the Storm. Its where you suck it up. look over your blue print and just GO.. your on auto pilot now and you can see the finish line… Ready Set, FUCKIN GOEarl Posing at Dawn  

June Bloom- Light at the end of the tunnel

We’ve all been there we’ve all heard that.. there is light at the end of the tunnel so have faith and keep it moving… for me that light was in June OH yeah BUDDY the fat was finally starting to melt off and the canvas was starting to look like a mold of what I wanted.. but even then i can hear that demon voice at bay.. are u too lean, are you lean enough, are u gonna be Ok.. well shit i guess were just gonna have to find out now wont we…

2013 USA National contrest prep

Journey into the light… June Snapshots for 2013 USA’s prep


I think for anyone be it just trying to loose weight or preparing for a contest we all have to find the beast from within.. Its the inner strength that tell’s us to WAKE THE FUCK UP, KEEP FUCKIN MOVING, ONE MORE REP its that inner voice that just turns on and when it does we keep it fulled by sheer will and desire to stay on . For me my BEASTMODE ACTIVATES when i start to see progress.. I think this is of anyone no matter how bad we want it it sure helps to see progress but thats where one needs to draw the line and know that progress will come TRUST your blueprint you may not know the end but the blueprint gives you a heads UPBeast MODE ACTIVATED

My Journey contest prep 2013 USA Nationals

Leaving no stones unturned as we all tend to do when we travel into the abyss.. we contemplate what do even when we know what do, sometimes we allow those hushed voices to creep into our heads and we fight against the worst demon’s

OURSELVES but even with this we still push forward why when asked.. why not.. 20130522_13450220130522_13454520130419_112429 (1)2013 Contest Prep USA March1 with April -March well underway we can finally see the empty canvas starting to take shape are we thrilled HELL no im the worrier from HELL

Change is coming

Yeah Yeah Yeah u have heard me rant before about Im gonna keep up to date on whats going on BUT dam if i dont keep getting side swiped… I am always getting my  HUSTLE on  (How.U.Survive.Through.Life.Everyday) but any event I’m going rewind for a hot Minute then come full circle to present day… but for now id like to share a few pictures and my rants from July training to the USA and of course more words of wisdom HEHE and more training that lead to Nationals of 2014 and new crowed IFBB Pro ME.. so just bare with me… Trust me its one women journey to scratch, flight, claw and even cry but to ultimately PREVAIL… here is my story..  the mini version…

No contest journey is easy but as Bob Marley said “Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.” This is a road that suits me like a breathing.. after 2012 i decided to tackle the USA once again with that i started to place my ducks in a row and start the process.. Now im not one to usually take photos in the off season look OUCH but once i got the ball rolling so did the cameras..

two week progress USA

Back attack

Back attack

Double Biceps lets get the ball started

Double Biceps lets get the ball started