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Counting Down

Another rep, another sleepless night, another meal, FLEX, POSE, SQUEEZE  start all over again now the X’s on the calendar have fallen off and in your sight you can see it, the months of hard work has paid off, the tears and they will be TEARS seem pointless now cause in the mist your a solider army of one who now stands still… time to take a few steps back and take it all in…. the day is coming its about DAM TIME TOO

Victoriadominguez final weeks





VictoriaDominguez prep 2013


prep 2013countdown



Guys have it so lucky when the prep and there are some women that take care of the little things like hair and nails etc… I for one put it to the side no i dont have BAM BAM feet come one but at the same time i prioritize things.. at times i will place getting nails and just get a manicure now my feet always done HEY I AM A FEMALE but my hair well mmmm thats another project all on its on.. thank god for baseball hats, scarves and CROP … another day in the office another day Im getting closer the finished product is soon to come Bad hair Day Contest Prep

Quite B4 the STORM

Even a presumably happy person will get a little or in my case a lot CRANKY  weeks now seem like months and time seem to have STOPPED STILL .. OMG i was getting anxious and now those things we call NERVES was settling in but easy come easy go.. thanks to a great support system… I think i had everyone’s number on speed dial LOL but i cant stress it enough how important a support system is not a BULLSHIT SYSTEM a “I KEEP IT 100″ they become your eyes and voice of reason when the craziness starts to settle in.. then you have it a moment of clarity as i call it The Quite B4 the Storm. Its where you suck it up. look over your blue print and just GO.. your on auto pilot now and you can see the finish line… Ready Set, FUCKIN GOEarl Posing at Dawn  

June Bloom- Light at the end of the tunnel

We’ve all been there we’ve all heard that.. there is light at the end of the tunnel so have faith and keep it moving… for me that light was in June OH yeah BUDDY the fat was finally starting to melt off and the canvas was starting to look like a mold of what I wanted.. but even then i can hear that demon voice at bay.. are u too lean, are you lean enough, are u gonna be Ok.. well shit i guess were just gonna have to find out now wont we…

2013 USA National contrest prep

Journey into the light… June Snapshots for 2013 USA’s prep


I think for anyone be it just trying to loose weight or preparing for a contest we all have to find the beast from within.. Its the inner strength that tell’s us to WAKE THE FUCK UP, KEEP FUCKIN MOVING, ONE MORE REP its that inner voice that just turns on and when it does we keep it fulled by sheer will and desire to stay on . For me my BEASTMODE ACTIVATES when i start to see progress.. I think this is of anyone no matter how bad we want it it sure helps to see progress but thats where one needs to draw the line and know that progress will come TRUST your blueprint you may not know the end but the blueprint gives you a heads UPBeast MODE ACTIVATED

Flashback/Throwback Thrusday

Its Flashback/Throwback Thursday here at Victoria place where I take a pic from one of my many archives. Todays two pictures are representing my first national show in 2010 ad my latest show this past July. When I first started competing in 2010 I was clueless but I knew no matter what I wanted to improve. I had won my first NPC show and though many thought I should wait to enter nationals I figured why wait if I want to compete against the best then nationals is where I need to be. Just go to show u as the limit we place on ourselves only comes from our mind if your mind knows no limits then anything can be possible.


Extra Exta read all about it

Muscle and women go hand in and like peanut butter and jelly so when ever i have the opportunity to shoot with the etoric website htt// how can this sexy DIVA say no.. For this shoot we took the concept

of bootylious and showcases curves and muscles are the wave of the future. Photo By Robert Mascino


Titans Grand Prix Body Building Show

Support a small word with a HUGE name, often not it gets lost in the shuffle but when this word is mastered it can move mountains. As a body builder you come to appreciate this yet but simple word so yesterday I had the pleasure of showing my support to a good friend competing… CONGRATS t Reginald for walking away with the win in the heavy weight division.


SHIT SHIT SHIT of all the ones to miss DAMUM DAMUM DAMUM but oh well cant cry over spilled milk. I’v been searching the internet high and low WHOOP WHOOP read it and weep..Will Iris Kyle claim her 8th title lets weigh




1st call out

Brigita Brezovac
Debi Laszewski
Iris Kyle
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

Iris in middle.

2nd call outShelia Bleck
Anne Luise Freitas
Monique Jones
Alina Popa

3rd call outKim Buck
Michelle Cummings
Sarah Hayes
Helle Nielson
Lisa Giesbrecht

4th call out

Debi Laszewski
Iris Kyle

Whats your Excuse

Often I’m ask do u have kids NO, or did u run track YES s0 that’s the reason I look the way I look… NO but if you feel better telling yourself that lame excuse Ok, so then what do u say about this lady right here.. again what is your excuse To learn more about her amazing journey check out