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Change is coming

Yeah Yeah Yeah u have heard me rant before about Im gonna keep up to date on whats going on BUT dam if i dont keep getting side swiped… I am always getting my  HUSTLE on  (How.U.Survive.Through.Life.Everyday) but any event I’m going rewind for a hot Minute then come full circle to present day… but for now id like to share a few pictures and my rants from July training to the USA and of course more words of wisdom HEHE and more training that lead to Nationals of 2014 and new crowed IFBB Pro ME.. so just bare with me… Trust me its one women journey to scratch, flight, claw and even cry but to ultimately PREVAIL… here is my story..  the mini version…

No contest journey is easy but as Bob Marley said “Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.” This is a road that suits me like a breathing.. after 2012 i decided to tackle the USA once again with that i started to place my ducks in a row and start the process.. Now im not one to usually take photos in the off season look OUCH but once i got the ball rolling so did the cameras..

two week progress USA

Back attack

Back attack

Double Biceps lets get the ball started

Double Biceps lets get the ball started

V for VICTORIOUS… Victoria Dominguez Rocks the NPC USA National 2012

Side Chest Prejudging

It was three weeks Id say and counting that i took place in my first USA National show and ‘m still reeling from the joy and shock off it all.

Considered by far a huge show the competition is stiff and everyone is hungry for that pro card be it the monstrous heavyweights or the shake to the right bikini clad girls it was a packed house and long day.

The spirit of the sport was all around you but the day forged on  friendships were made, some reconnection and healthy rivalry and you can never have a good show with out an upset or two. to see more check me out at RX Muscle and Thanks DAN!!!!



So whats next cant say but i will say come back and check out a few of my memorable captured…


2012 Arnold International FBB is…..


The 2012 Arnold International Body Building delivered in rare fashion, when Iris Kyle scratched from the competition to injury that left the door wide open as one would think for up and coming newcomers. Be as it made it was the veteran



Yaxeni that come pulling through the pack followed up Debi Laszewski. Alina (yes I said it and my favorite came in 3rd but I have to say her conditioning was on POINT did u see the cross striation on those quads and finishing up this elite group was no other than Cathy LeFrancois.

Though I may not been over thrilled of the final turnout I was however pleased that ladies represented what FBB should represent muscles in its rare form but in a beautiful showcase, with style and elegance.



Getting over the Holiday BLUG!!!!!

Its common that during the holidays your battling long lines as well as a bulging waste line UGH.. then to make matters worse every turn you take there is a new holiday flavor especially at your local coffee shop.. so i decided to combat the holiday bulge with getting into shape for a  few model projects as well as jumping into a contest..


Strike a pose in the ladies room

Anyone  that competes will tell you dieting be it for 8, 12 or 16 weeks is a BITCH but try dieting over the holidays is suicidal to add insult to injury I had school and was moving into a new place.. The mountain of stress was piled high my broad shoulders could barely shovel the shit that kept piling up but with sheer determination and a huge dose of being stubborn i wouldn’t quit i may have shed a tear or two but never quit. 









So now travels are wrapped for now, projects are coming to end and my contest is coming up not the Arnold (sorry) and though i am not overly joyed with my self I am pleased that despite all the hurdles that came my way I soared high and above to pull this shit offf.. what do u think 

Happy New Year = More Muscle!!!!!

The Gun Show


Happy New Year everyone… Hope the first week of the New Year has went off without a HITCH. Well I had a great 2011 body building season. I finished 6th at the IFBB North American nationals talk about a HIGH but even though my season has ended on a good note it’s time to scratch the past break out a new page and train like a mother fucker, so this past Thanksgiving and Christmas I’ve been working on gaining a little more muscle to improve my overall physique.. tell me what you think.. I know one thing is for sure I like being BIG why cause big means eating and no cardio…


Can i breath now

Spread my wings

Muscle Contest 2011 road to NATIONALS March 29th

Last year was like knocking on heaven’s door and though they the NPC opened up the door they only opened it just enough for me to peek my head in.  In Sept and Nov of 2010 I took 6th place at both national level shows. I for one was surprised that I placed 6th but by doing so it only made me more anxious and hungry to compete again this year. Not knowing how the procedure works is a bit annoying in that since I was not in the top five I had to re-qualify this year in order to compete at any of the Nationals shows so, here we are March 26th 2011 Muscle Contest and as you can see from last year most definite some improvements (time to retire these two suits though) next stop nationals… just a matter of which one.

Putting it All Together March 23rd

Well I’m a few days away before I take the stage once again and showcase what I go.. I swear when I started this journey never thought I be this much in the mirror no seriously I never thought about all the small details that comes into making the overall package. Often I sat in the audience clues to all the work that is involve, the scarf ice, the tears and yes even the doubts but today I don’t doubt SHIT.. just look at this cannon ball ass and V taper is coming in and yes my legs need work but Ive always said I’m a work in progress.







WOW, OMG and talk about being on cloud nine… Never did I think it would come to this and now I have to say I am completely hooked and looking forward to my 2011 season as competing as a female body builder. After place 6th in my first national show at the North American in Sept my dumbass (yes I had a blonde moment) decided why not try the nationals in ATL. Did I bite of more than I can chew HELL YEAH but I have a big mouth and can swallow (you wish)

The process was stress full; dieting was grueling since I had already been dieting previously for 8 weeks. I decided what another 4 more weeks is. DISCIPLINE so many people can’t even stick to plan for a week and I made 12. It’s a lonely feeling yet a powerful one sticking to plan, shutting it down when you have to so u have no distractions and when judgment day comes you can say without a doubt I hurdle many obstacles but I am here. You do what it takes, two a days at the gym, practicing and training and the end result was awesome. I placed 6th again but I learned a lot about myself, dieting and where I need to be for next year can u say TOP FIVE oh yes u can…


Holly shit I have been dieting for ever it seems and people really start 16 weeks out or longer FUCK me I say.. you wish right. Anyhow after the North American I decided why not continue in the insanity and diet for another 5 weeks and do Nationals in ATL… well it was well worth the scarf ice, getting lost, got a fucking boot on my rental why… Because I came down a little bit more come take a look

On my way… North American, Placed 6th Competition

Ok it comes as no surprised that I finally decided to compete this year first in the Max Muscle in March of 2010. After that show I was left pleased but still wanted to see where or how I stacked up and to be honest I just liked it. I had so much fun so with some planning I did my first national show in Sept. Now, might I add this is my first attempt and to even my surprised I placed very well so, now you can imagine I can’t just stop there so I am planning to compete at Nationals in Oct. It’s a learning process that’s for sure and I am learning a lot so though I don’t know the outcome I can say this I am here to stay and welcome the bodybuilding community with open arms I LOVE IT!!! Time to FLEX