Quite B4 the STORM

Even a presumably happy person will get a little or in my case a lot CRANKY¬† weeks now seem like months and time seem to have STOPPED STILL .. OMG i was getting anxious and now those things we call NERVES was settling in but easy come easy go.. thanks to a great support system… I think i had everyone’s number on speed dial LOL but i cant stress it enough how important a support system is not a BULLSHIT SYSTEM a “I KEEP IT 100″ they become your eyes and voice of reason when the craziness starts to settle in.. then you have it a moment of clarity as i call it The Quite B4 the Storm. Its where you suck it up. look over your blue print and just GO.. your on auto pilot now and you can see the finish line… Ready Set, FUCKIN GOEarl Posing at Dawn ¬†

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