People that have never competed think its easy well I’m here to shatter your little bubble and say its NOT. U have to diet, train and condition your body and that comes PRACTICE. Flexing or squeeze posing is something that should not be done at the last minute something I have do have a habit of doing why.. u ask.. cause I am too damn tired that’s why. Nothing beats busting your balls in the gym, denying your body for months on end and then getting your ass on stage and not being able to present the fruits of your hard work… Ya feel me..So today after training i had to practice now first glance when seeing someone flexing in the gym you think OMG r u serious but hell yeah I am SERIOUS its needed trust me…going over your poses especially after your tired will make the day of the show that much easier i keep telling myself this but my brain understand yet my body says I NEED A BREAK!!!








Yet when its said and done and your on stage, time to shine and SHINE U WILL its all worth it labor or love and I am loving it …

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