One week down.. and ready to Regroup

Traveling and staying healthy does not go hand in hard especially when you’re gone for long bouts of time. Finding places to train can be impossible, some hotels promote they have a facility to train when really, it’s a room with some cardio equipment and if you’re lucky some universal machine to get some semblance of a work out in however, for the average Joe whose motto is not “TRAIN INSANE” this is ok and if it’s ok for you then it’s ok for me.

During my latest trip-tour I was gone for over an month and half and though I was able to get in some gym time here and there I was not able to hit the grid iron like I am accustom too and to me that “ SUCKS BALLS” so, now I am finally home back to a routine and though I’m DIEING it feels good to be back on track if I keep this up I may have to select a bodybuilding show to jump in..whose with me XOXOX…



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