Moments in time pass by in your head hell even at times i have a little doubt but then i have to check myself to stick to the plan and trust my instincts,as the weeks drop of the calendar a change is coming and change good VictoriaDominguez posing

Take Break

Often we get caught up when prepping, so focused so driven we forget to breath and simply just take it all in , well today i did just that took a much needed afternoon nap then ate and went out into for drive no real purpose just a drive to get some much needed fresh air.. Resting chilling and sometimes you just gotta play dress up after a while you get tired of ball caps and bandannas.. SAY beautiful


No contest prep is easy and no contest prep comes with out a few distractions, and i have and had my share.. some are fun like a photo shoot those are not so bad hell might even give a little more incentive but then there are those that MIND FUCK YOU, or throw you off your game, when those happen, just roll with it, and put it in check you’d be surprise how your body changes when your STRESSED…

victoria domingues fbb

Make it count

fbb photo shoot

Say Cheese…

Staying Motivated

One thing this is for sure when your beating yourself up the spirit is willing but GAWD ALMIGHTY the flesh can be weak.. a few weeks into training and cardio and yes the diet I had that ole familiar feeling, those ole voices.. QUIT NOW this is crazy… u have next year… Fotor0107112611 Fotor0110132633

Back in the Gym

Took what time i needed off but like a bad itch that needs to be scratched I couldn’t wait to get into the gym and get to work.. and work i did, once a day, twice hell id slept there if i could and redid my diet and said let me do ME now lets go…

Regrouped and READY TO GO!!!!! 3 months and counting

So what do u do when you know your close but you just cant seem to connect the dots.. Do u a say im done for the year or do you regroup and make some changes then come back GUNS BLAZING…. im the guns blazing kind of gal.. so I ate, ate, ate, train, trained and trained but i focused on parts that were lacking, and my presentation… something i usually wait to the end to try and do… since most of the work has be done it was all about reshaping the body so plan in hand off I went on yet another journey here is my story


Time to Celebrate

SHIT just cause I didnt win does not mean i was gonna mope around HELL NO.. it was a free for all and then some. For me after a show its all about re-hydrating its almost like i cant get enough NO REALLY then comes a meal

sure pizza is usually my go to but then there is DESERT 20130727_235858OMG and how i enjoyed me some DESERT… when its all said and done take a BOW but if your hungry as I am then you know the best is yet to come and u r just getting started.. 20130727_215949 Celebration


60 seconds goes in flash just enough time for you to strut your stuff and show them what you got, problem is when your heads not in the game tho no once can tell YOU can… finished up prejudging and managed a smile but i was out of there like bat out hell.. no real reason but disappointment its a hard pill to swallow in this sport but it happens but as they say in showtime the SHOW MUST GO ON… its hard standing there knowing in your head you gave it your all and fail but did u really fail NO failure only comes when u QUIT and dont see it through so, tho i didnt have the outcome i had hopped for I sucked it up, held my head high regrouped and said whats NEXT…

SHOWTIME section 1

There is a difference between being confident and being nervous… I think everyone is nervous on showtime regardless of one’s level but lacking confidence on showtime UGH that’s like a silent heart attack waiting to happen… I woke that morning with a look of PAIN on my face not anything physical all emotional I knew.. somehow somewhere things didn’t add up BUT what you gonna do.. not show UP, bow out, NOT on my watch so i put my best forward, head held HIGH and got to steppin…CarbLoading Showtime Pretty in Pink Showtime


2013-07-21 14.51.56 Such a simple word that holds such meaning and if obtained such growth… as the finally stages becomes clear i can now reflect on the path of least resistance…

day in and day out, meal after meal, pushing and pressing forward all one can do is simply take a step back and SIGH!!!!!! DISCIPLINE has brought me to the here and NOW