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Such a simple word that holds such meaning and if obtained such growth… as the finally stages becomes clear i can now reflect on the path of least resistance… day in and day out, meal after meal, pushing and pressing forward all one can do is simply take a step back and SIGH!!!!!! DISCIPLINE has […]

Counting Down

Another rep, another sleepless night, another meal, FLEX, POSE, SQUEEZE  start all over again now the X’s on the calendar have fallen off and in your sight you can see it, the months of hard work has paid off, the tears and they will be TEARS seem pointless now cause in the mist your a […]

My Journey contest prep 2013 USA Nationals

Leaving no stones unturned as we all tend to do when we travel into the abyss.. we contemplate what do even when we know what do, sometimes we allow those hushed voices to creep into our heads and we fight against the worst demon’s OURSELVES but even with this we still push forward why when […]

Change is coming

Yeah Yeah Yeah u have heard me rant before about Im gonna keep up to date on whats going on BUT dam if i dont keep getting side swiped… I am always getting my  HUSTLE on  (How.U.Survive.Through.Life.Everyday) but any event I’m going rewind for a hot Minute then come full circle to present day… but […]

Prepreping 101

Be it 6, 12, or 20 weeks your contest prep is highly important but learning your body taking notes during that prep will make a huge difference the more you compete. For some having a prep coach is important but having someone and working with a team can help you make leaps and bounds. I […]