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My Journey contest prep 2013 USA Nationals

Leaving no stones unturned as we all tend to do when we travel into the abyss.. we contemplate what do even when we know what do, sometimes we allow those hushed voices to creep into our heads and we fight against the worst demon’s OURSELVES but even with this we still push forward why when […]

Change is coming

Yeah Yeah Yeah u have heard me rant before about Im gonna keep up to date on whats going on BUT dam if i dont keep getting side swiped… I am always getting my  HUSTLE on  (How.U.Survive.Through.Life.Everyday) but any event I’m going rewind for a hot Minute then come full circle to present day… but […]

Flashback/Throwback Thrusday

Its Flashback/Throwback Thursday here at Victoria place where I take a pic from one of my many archives. Todays two pictures are representing my first national show in 2010 ad my latest show this past July. When I first started competing in 2010 I was clueless but I knew no matter what I wanted to […]

Well Under Way

Well the new year has arrived and are those new years resolutions are still waiting by the door to get a jump on. Was one healthy and  fitness of course it was the very same as last year. So ready set lets go as you see the time is flying..

The New Year Lets Role

Some people make news resolution i say if u didn’t resolve what u needed past year why continue  make short terms goals then set out to achieve them Ok that’s my two cents for the today.. but i do have a tradition which is the first week of every new year to set the tone  […]

Holding Down the Fort

Well its been two month since my last contest as well as my last travel to Europe and though my offical off season has yet to start id say im holding my own pretty good.. but i tell you come DEC its on and poping out goes the abs ad in comes the belly LOL […]

Mike with Physique Art

Now I have been knowing Mike Yurkovic photographer of Physique Art for quite sometime now and have had the pleasure of shooting with him well before  I even started competing as a female body builder. Mike has showcased female body builders in an artistic way combing pose, grace and sex appeal. In a sport where […]

3 Times the charm

No frills no happy smiles hell its early in the morning its just me the lone ranger back at the 2012 IFBB NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS to make once again a stand. Cant say or sure at least not just yet what the outcome is going to be but I am happy to be here and […]