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We’ve head the saying change your mind your life sometimes we fear change but if u can change your clothes, your shoes, and in my case change your HAIR then why not change the way you THINK your fits goals starts are you ready for the change

Time to Pack MOVE OUT

One week out and its time to move out.. OH YEAH felling good and anxious i have a lot running though my time  its the last work out at home then i take flight.. see me FLY … GAME ON

Counting Down

Another rep, another sleepless night, another meal, FLEX, POSE, SQUEEZE  start all over again now the X’s on the calendar have fallen off and in your sight you can see it, the months of hard work has paid off, the tears and they will be TEARS seem pointless now cause in the mist your a […]

Getting Started is easier think

the new year is approaching and though I am not a firm believer in putting things off in Jan  for most people the new year is like wiping the slate clean and starting over. So, if your going to be like everyone else and start over come the new year no problem but u do […]