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Holding Down the Fort

Well its been two month since my last contest as well as my last travel to Europe and though my offical off season has yet to start id say im holding my own pretty good.. but i tell you come DEC its on and poping out goes the abs ad in comes the belly LOL tll then I had the pleasure of doing yet another hot shoot.. what do u think             

Extra Exta read all about it

Muscle and women go hand in and like peanut butter and jelly so when ever i have the opportunity to shoot with the etoric website htt// how can this sexy DIVA say no.. For this shoot we took the concept

of bootylious and showcases curves and muscles are the wave of the future. Photo By Robert Mascino


Mike with Physique Art

Now I have been knowing Mike Yurkovic photographer of Physique Art for quite sometime now and have had the pleasure of shooting with him well before  I even started competing as a female body builder. Mike has showcased female body builders in an artistic way combing pose, grace and sex appeal. In a sport where female muscles is not apart of the norm Mike’s work bring’s a soft touch letting our inner and outer beauty as well as muscles shine through.. case point this Months feature shot. To check out more of Mike’s work check out