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Lets Get this BITCH moving 2013.. Whose with me

New year, new resolution or maybe you need to really finish the ones you started you know what they are. Break out the 2012 list and check yourself have you even made a dent in them if not then you new whats at the top of your list come on no excuses.. the end of the world didn’t take place so now you really have no excuses… Ask for me great thus far  had my traditional photo shoot, not too shabby for an off season bodybuilder but when your comfortable in your skin you make it work. Play time is over ok after i return from Vegas that is…


Back up and running now where was I..

Last time i was able to post i was still touring and traveling did a shoot with Wings of Strength and show with my two girls in HOT ATL  and was able to meet up a few people from FB and a few competitors, well now im back home for a week as well as my website back up and running sorry for having it down in the the first place. Time to crack the whip and lets get the ball rolling




OMM what a fucking travels

Well my travels started out great first stop Last Vegas where my Girl Mona competed and did her there CONGRATS next top was an awesome photo shoot with Andrew Warren of Dallas, TX then onto to Houston (no comment) then ATL where i watched the best of the best battle it out to earn the pro card.. Also its where i met up with my crew LOL and all hell broke loose but at least I had fun now im in NY doing what i do.. short and sweet highlights ill fill u much later


Headed HOME.. next stop LA

Its been two weeks and wow hat a two weeks.. started off my tour in DC then made my way to Philly, NY and now Boston.. met some new people once again thanks to the social media of Face Book.. Often Im asked how do i say in shape (yeah right) off season when i travel. Well its HARD i try to make wise eating choices sometimes i do other times i don’t, i also try to train even if just cardio which i HATE.. for two days i was so busy I was unable to train with weights so today in Boston i found my true love once again the GYM!!!


getting my FLEX ON.. Boston Sports Club

Philly and DC down.. Next Stop NJ

Well I am well underway of my tour doing what I do best so why haven’t you contacted me yet for your fitness council trust me its well worth getting started today then pining of it tomorrow… So i have wrapped up both DC and Philly and have made my way to NJ.

Unpacking in DC










Training hamstrings at 12st Gym in Philly

New Hair New Attitude…

Hey well its time again for my east course travels and  as you can see I am sporting a new hairdo… hale to the AFRO kinda of right.. well if you want to catch me during my travels for a one one training session don’t hesitate to contact me will

visiting the following cities DC/Alexandria Sept 10-11, Philly Sept 12-13, NJ Sept 14-16, New York Sept 17-19 and Boston 20-21

A few candid moments Ok maybe not so candid LOL cause we are cheesing for real……

Your prepping your ass off for the show of the lifetime no matter what show it is its your spotlight and your time to shine, however true that is there are those such as family, your trainer or prep coach, the person that made your suit, pro tan you and yes hook up your face… to be thankful for. There are those rooting for just cause then there are those whom though u are there for the same reason you share a bond and become as excited to share in there success.. there are just are just a few snap shots id like to share… for more check my Fan page on facebook

Alina Pompa

The 3 Amigos featuring IFBB PRO Monique Hayes

Tierany Chretien she turned IFBB PR)


MUA Jean Ludridge for the evening

MUA Mona for prejudging

All work and no PLAY.. NO WAY

I love NY but who doesn’t right.. it truly is the city that never sleeps and that’s just what I enjoying doing while in New York hitting the street and getting no sleep. So while in NY this past March doing what I do i stepped out one evening for a little fun and that familiar little black dress that does a women body wonders especially when she has curves like mine


Doing it Pittsburgh style 1

Rolling in my mini van sipping on Gin and Juice ok maybe not more like being transported back and forth from the Mall Complex is more like it. Planning is essential sometimes you luck up and sometimes its  BUST.. While in Pitt i lucked up in that the hotel was able to shuttle me back and forth to this HUGE shopping complex either that or the driver had a thing for a muscled chick who changes her hair like she changes her shoes, what can I say I like being versatile


Pucker UP DC



DC travels


Alexandria, travels,

Hey everyone finally done with my long east coast tour and let me you OH WOW i had a few hit and some misses but in all a real good yet productive time. Making new friends, associates and a even few FB friends along the way got to love that social network.. but here i am puckering up in DC.. SMOOTCHES

Pucker Up DC