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Up and Onward

Well for those of u that have been keeping up with Victoria i wanted to fast forward for just a minute to present day… This year i will make my pro debut as to when well your gonna have to come back and find out when… aside from that I also just celebrated yet another […]

Chilling…yeah u Read right

A week out and the days are moving. Im in FL, my gf is here making sure i eat, pose and keep my feet up.. shes a GREAT WATCH DOG lol and i mean that with the most love and respect she made this prep easy and stress free.. another day down with cardio and […]

Time to Pack MOVE OUT

One week out and its time to move out.. OH YEAH felling good and anxious i have a lot running though my timeĀ  its the last work out at home then i take flight.. see me FLY … GAME ON

Lets Get this BITCH moving 2013.. Whose with me

New year, new resolution or maybe you need to really finish the ones you started you know what they are. Break out the 2012 list and check yourself have you even made a dent in them if not then you new whats at the top of your list come on no excuses.. the end of […]