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Chilling…yeah u Read right

A week out and the days are moving. Im in FL, my gf is here making sure i eat, pose and keep my feet up.. shes a GREAT WATCH DOG lol and i mean that with the most love and respect she made this prep easy and stress free.. another day down with cardio and […]


after a while your prep becomes like driving a plane and u simply put on auto pilot.. you have a routine and you execute it day in day out , am pm nights early am what ever u have marked out for u, you simply just follow  


Guys have it so lucky when the prep and there are some women that take care of the little things like hair and nails etc… I for one put it to the side no i dont have BAM BAM feet come one but at the same time i prioritize things.. at times i will place […]

Quite B4 the STORM

Even a presumably happy person will get a little or in my case a lot CRANKY¬† weeks now seem like months and time seem to have STOPPED STILL .. OMG i was getting anxious and now those things we call NERVES was settling in but easy come easy go.. thanks to a great support system… […]


People that have never competed think its easy well I’m here to shatter your little bubble and say its NOT. U have to diet, train and condition your body and that comes PRACTICE. Flexing or squeeze posing is something that should not be done at the last minute something I have do have a habit […]